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Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil

R 160.00

  • For a healthier, cleansed scalp + frizz-free, faster growing hair.
    The over-achiever oil.

    Hairhoney's Jojoba oil is a double duty hair and scalp conditioning extraordinaire. By cleansing the scalp, it helps to reduce hair fall and increase the rate at which hair grows. It also balances hair oil production and nourishes hair and hair follicles ensuring stronger, more lustrous hair. And it leaves no residue. Jojoba oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 + 9 fatty acids. The oil has anti-fungal properties that help maintain the health of your scalp.

    Great for all hair types.

    For use
    Jojoba Oil is a real over-achiever and can be used in many ways:

    As a scalp cleanser, rub a small, warmed amount into the scalp just before washing.

    To reduce frizz and smooth dry ends, run 1 or 2 small drops over dry hair. 

    For a natural heat protector, add a drop to split ends prior to styling. 

    For an extra conditioning treatment, mix a few drops with your conditioner.

    To protect hair from harsh chemicals in swimming pools, run a few drops through hair to close the hair cuticle and prevent moisture loss.

    What to expect
    Jojoba oil is lightweight, non-sticky oil which is quickly absorbed. No scent.

    100% pure cold-pressed Jojoba oil.

    50 ml bottle with easy to use dropper.

    Ships immediately.

    Store in a cool, dark place.
    Use within one year of opening.
Keep out of reach of children.

    If irritation occurs discontinue use.

    External use only.