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About us

Hairhoney is a high-quality, high standards hair + haircare brand formed with the same sass and style as the women we created it for.


We do two things (at once).


Because we love hair.
Whether you bought it or grew it yourself.

That's why we scour the globe to source the finest virgin hair. The hair that blows your hair back. The hair that give you the I'm-on-a-yacht smile. Virgin hair that contains no mixes, no tangling, doesn't excessively shed and contains no yucky chemicals.

That’s also why our haircare is designed and made in small batches, from only the highest quality organic ingredients. We believe you should know what you’re putting onto your hair and scalp, so  we use transparent labelling and none of the nasty stuff - our products are chemical and alcohol free.

We also create products for any kind of hair, from coarse and curly to fine and straight. We love hair, remember. And we ensure our products are designed to look great on your head, as well as on your bathroom shelf.

Hair + haircare for women who know their worth. Yup, that's you.


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The Hairhoney Team