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Peruvian Wavy Three-Piece Bundle
Peruvian Wavy Three-Piece Bundle

Peruvian Wavy Three-Piece Bundle

R 1,650.00

  • Glitz, glamour and waves for days.

    Three smooth, silky and beautifully wavy Peruvian hair bundles. They can be worn in their natural wavy state, straightened or curled further and coloured. Each of the three bundles are double machine wefted which means less shedding and longer-lasting hair. They also have a smooth finish to ensure the weft lie flat on the scalp.

    Use a wavy closure to give you a natural look with the ability to create parts.

    For a full install, you will need this set of 3 bundles for lengths shorter than 22 inches.

    For 22-30 inches, 4 bundles are recommended for a full, voluminous look.



    • Three individual wefts of your length choice
    • Each weft weighs 95-100g
    • Natural black - 1B
    • Weft length is measured with hair pulled straight, so curly wefts may appear shorter than their described lengths

     Ships in 7-10 working days.

    Before colouring, chat to a professional and do a strand test first. Chemical treatments may alter the curl pattern and texture of hair. Hair that is straightened frequently may become straighter over time.

    To take the best care of your hair, use our Maintenance Guide.